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Goal Setting Workshop

Did you achieve your goals in 2020?  What will you do differently to succeed in 2021?


Friday January 29th

As you reflect on this year are you.... 

  • Frustrated that you didn't hit your goals? 
  • Worried that you and your spouse/partner are drifting apart?
  • Tired of setting New Year's "resolutions" that don't last much past January?

 Most people feel this way because they lack a mountaintop (goal), a path to that mountaintop and/or accountability to keep moving up the path every week.

What You'll Accomplish

    • Set SMART goals in 8 areas; not only around your business and sales goals, but also in your personal life
    • Dig into what really drives you and your sales team; understand what will motivate your team to succeed
    • Learn a systematic process for writing and planning goals, and how to stay on track for the entire year
    • Focus on your goals as an individual and/or use this workshop as a team building exercise for your sales staff

Who Should Attend?

This highly interactive workshop is designed for business professionals, but all are welcome.

We recommend bringing a spouse, co-worker, mentor or your team/staff

to help you create and achieve your goals - both personal and professional.

Contact us for more information:

Bob Barber 217-473-6579

Tamara Rigozzi 269-903-1275



Friday January 29th 

11:30am - 1:00pm

$150 per person

Please complete the form to register. 

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