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Meet Our Team


For over twenty years, Bob finds joy in tripling business revenue, personal incomes, and vacations for his clients through his coaching and training. With an average client life cycle of 5 years, clients tend to view Bob as a valued member of their revenue generation team engaged from long range corporate and personal visions, goals, strategy, down to daily behaviors.


Marnie has been responsible for all accounts payable, accounts receivable, banking, financial and accounting prep for Barber & Associates for over 20 years. She has over 30 years experience in finance & accounting with over 25 years experience in QuickBooks.


Tamara has been Client Success Manager since 2014. She provides onboarding, resources, correspondence, support, and accountability for clients to implement the training materials. She manages the behavioral diagnostic assessment division that provides pre-hire screening and employee development tools. 


Tethering marketing strategies to sales goals, Andrew’s focus is on appreciation of “brand equity”. Over the last ten years, he’s realized thousands of dollars for B2B & B2C businesses alike. Fine-tuning an existing strategy or built from scratch, his creative approach protects consistency while making an enemy of stale messaging.


Susan is a sales and marketing strategist who feels rewarded when she can help others find their successes and views marketing as more than branding and awareness. She helps our clients and partners succeed in their business by providing valuable resources and communications that they can implement into their own processes.