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One inescapable business trend has been all over the news lately. It’s a trend that goes by a lot of different names. Some people refer to this trend as the AI revolution, but I prefer to call it Accelerated Digital Transformation. That’s a label that covers a lot of territory, I know, but there’s a lot going on right now, and a big label seems to fit what we’re dealing with.

Regardless of what we choose to call this trend, the reality is that leaders are responsible for coming to terms with some truly momentous changes brought about by advances in information technology.

We are all challenged to keep up with a digital world that is accelerating daily. And the hard truth is that some teams and some organizations are better prepared for these changes than others.

I don’t see this trend receding anytime soon. The leaders who are best prepared for it, in my view, are the ones who understand that this tsunami of technological and information transformation has been building up strength for some time and is only going to intensify. These leaders, as I see it, are pursuing five proven best practices to make sure they’re positioned for success near the top of that wave – and not flattened by it.

Recently, in CEO World magazine, I outlined all five of these best practices. For some thoughts on improving sales efficiency at a time of accelerated digital transformation… click here.


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